Web Technologies

Web technologies provide the connection between web servers and their clients. They are comprised at the basic level of programming languages and markup languages that transport data over the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP); data such as text, binary data, media files, and how rendering and parsing of data are fulfilled using MIME and other technologies. NinthBall can provide assistance with the following technologies to develop software as a service (SAAS), web services, and web applications:

  • Markup languages – HTML (e.g. HTML 5), XML, SGML, CSS
  • Server-side/ Client-side scripting –PHP, JavaScript, Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Programming languages/Frameworks – Java / Struts, Spring, Java Server Faces (JSF), Axis2
  • Database tier – Oracle, MySQL

If you need to have a ubiquitous application that can be accessed from any computer in your organization, you will need to go down the route that makes use of web technologies, whether over the Internet or within your internal network. NinthBall can employ these web technologies to create the right solution, using design patterns and frameworks that promote an efficient delivery schedule, reusability of code artifacts, extensibility, manageability, etc.