The NinthBall Concept™

The NinthBall Concept™

Have ever wondered, “What is NinthBall?” or, “What does NinthBall mean?”

If so, read on… (pressed for time? Skip right to the bottom – Be the Ninth Ball)

The Logo


The NinthBall Concept is best understood by looking at the logo. The NinthBall logo depicts a box with eight edges and eight vertices that forms a cuboid. Each vertex has a faint-colored ball connecting the edges together to form a 3-dimensional box – there is a total of 8 faint-colored balls. They are all the same bland color, all similar, and share a similar relationship.

The ninth ball in the logo is higher in contrast, has a different color, and is more obvious. It is not part of the box.

The Ninth Ball

The ninth ball is reflective of an entity in a space, area, vicinity, and/or region that stands apart from others like itself. It shares its basic properties with the others but has a superior intrinsic value.

Where all the other balls are rigid and come together to conform to the confines of a box, the ninth ball is “outside the box” in principle, values, views, beliefs, opinions, and practice. It is positive, more colorful and has more freedom to adapt.

  1. The ninth ball is different.
  2. The ninth ball is unique.
  3. The ninth ball stands out and is removed from the crowd;
  4. The ninth ball does not believe in herd mentality.
  5. The ninth ball is an outlier and ahead of the pack.
  6. The ninth ball is big and bold, and sure of itself.

The Origin

NinthBall started out as a blog project in 2008 that promoted the same concept (The blog has since been moved to On September 28, 2010, NinthBall was organized as Maryland LLC that seeks to provide technology and consulting services to public sector and private enterprises.

Be the Ninth Ball

Based on this simple concept, everyone should aspire to be the ninth ball. To be different and unique. To stand out and be cream of the crop in their business enterprise, career, industry, or various walks of life. Hard work, discipline, innovation, patience, a positive outlook, and accountability are some of the stepping stones to this goal. Each organization should also aspire to be the ninth ball of their domain. Hopefully this way, we each find relevance, and contribute to the greater good of the complex system (“The World”) that we exist in.