Systems Integration

The NinthBall approach to Enterprise Integration and application development is based on fully understanding our client’s business requirements and objectives, and translating them to technical requirements and designs that will aid in the development, testing and delivery of the solution. NinthBall’s solution delivery is based on the agile methodology and processes.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) promotes loosely coupled connections (to applications or services), and can send a message without much knowledge of the consumer’s location, data requirements, or use for the message except that which is defined in the interface control agreement. With EAI, a more robust and flexible architecture is created, where applications and services can be added or excluded as needed.

SOA and Web Services

Integration is feasible with this approach because applications and/or systems are connected to a messaging system that routes messages to destinations using asynchronous messaging architectures that aim to technology-agnostic. Within the realm of EAI, service-oriented architectures and web services can be employed to achieve the desired business results.

Is Integration Right for you?

When considering integration, it is important to consider the following:

  • How many applications need to be integrated
  • Will there be a need to introduce additional applications in the future
  • Is scalability a concern that needs to be addressed
  • Are routing, federation, fault tolerance, transport and/or message level security concerns that need to be addressed
  • How many communication protocols will need to be factored in to integrate these applications and systems
  • Will there be a need for a mix of asynchronous messaging, synchronous services, publish/subscribe models, reliable messaging, or other complex messaging situations

Our Value Proposition

The NinthBall commitment is to provide a unique and efficient solution in the right amount of time that is within budget and adheres to all software validation and verification processes. We achieve this by employing Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology that offers lightweight and scalable solutions.

Other NinthBall supplemental capabilities to enterprise integration include:

  • Business Intelligence: We help clients implement solutions that allow them easily analyze data to gain meaningful and actionable intelligence as well as have better insight to their data and garner hidden information the disparate data may hold.
  • Data Management: Data is a valuable resource. We help clients develop and/or implement practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets.
  • Business Process Management: We help clients design business processes, model these business processes, and monitor business activity.