IT Strategy

The IT strategy should be a plan of action to help achieve the corporate vision. The IT strategy of an organization should ultimately help create position of advantage over the competition.

Every organization that is committed to using information technology systems, platforms and infrastructure as a means to advance the corporate strategy should have an IT strategy. Because IT strategy has to be woven out of the corporate strategy, it is imperative that the strategy is described in a manner that business stakeholders can fully comprehend and understand its usefulness.

NinthBall has the knowledge base and skills set to aid IT leaders overcome these strategic challenges. NinthBall is equipped to make sure that via these strategies, high value is realized by the stakeholders involved. This is accomplished by working with the CIOs office to first of all align technology with the overall organization vision, then defining strategies to ensure that the systems are compliant with standards and regulations that aid the flow of information, and provide the right functionality across the organization and its partners.

Portfolio Management

IT portfolio management is involved with the inventory of items being managed by the IT department. These inventories should include project inventory (showing timeline for implementation and return on investment) and the associated application(s) of the project; an inventory of departments’ strengths and weaknesses, architectural methods, and skills set of resources.


NinthBall can help government clients with defining the roles and responsibilities for their IT organization. From the point of view of governance, NinthBall can assist with developing an accountability framework to promote the desired behavior in the use of IT, the sustainability and extensibility of organization’s objective and strategies. These objectives and strategies include:

  • Risk management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Retention
  • Information sharing
  • Information security policies

NinthBall works with our government clients to create solutions that fit their particular organization and goals.