Enterprise Architecture

The development of enterprise architecture has its effects at the organizational level, thus requirements and/or decisions are usually at a higher level (bird’s eye view). The goal of an Enterprise Architecture is to impact strategic outcomes of the organization, based on the IT strategy of the organization. It involves people, information, technology, and business operations that form the essence of the organization. Because of its widespread impact, knowledge from the whole enterprise is needed by the Enterprise Architect(s) to come up with a complete solution.

In order to aid our clients maintain a holistic view of the enterprise, NinthBall can do the following:

  • Translate business vision and IT strategy into effective enterprise artifacts.
  • Create, communicate, and improve on key requirements, documents, diagrams, and principles.
  • Factor in the right degree of elasticity to models that allows for evolution from a given state to a future state.
  • Describe the logical organization of business functions, information exchange, and communication infrastructure.
  • Work closely with client so they can get their return on investment on the processes they have spent time and money to put in place.
  • Leave them with improved business processes between internal departments and/or external partners.