Core Values


At NinthBall we believe integrity is based on truth and accuracy of our statements, products and solution delivery. Integrity thrives in a trust-based environment and we demand at a minimum the required level of trust to do business and thrive. We encourage an environment where you are who you say you are, and do what you say you will do.


Evolution, Adaptability, Agility, and Creativity form the building blocks of NinthBall’s innovation as a company. We recognize that the company can only be innovative if every individual exhibits an innovative spirit by cutting across the grain and thinking outside the box. NinthBall is committed to cultivating our people to be skillful and flexible across the cutting edge technologies specific to our client base.


Daily interactions should begin with respect for each individual and end with respect for the collective good of the team. When respect is evident, our other core values, innovation, collaboration, and diversity can be fostered across the company.


The success of our solution delivery lies in teamwork. Not only within NinthBall, but also teamwork between our clients and customers during each engagement. The NinthBall key ingredients for collaboration are Clear and Open Channels of Communication. Collaboration is then fueled with innovation and diversity.

Customer Service

At the end of each engagement, we strive to leave our clients happy and content with the delivered solution. As a service based organization, our continued existence hinges on how we serve our customers and clients over time. We know we are improving in customer service, when we have repeat customers, and we get positive testimonials and referrals.


There is creativity in diversity because unique life and work experiences are valuable – it exposes facets that otherwise go undiscovered and/or unrecognized. The diversity of thought, paths to a solution, and perspective helps us ensure that when people come into a room to brainstorm, we will always leave the room with a good solution to execute upon.

Social Responsibility

We believe that we have an obligation to act in the benefit of our immediate community and the society at large. Each individual at NinthBall appreciates the role that their community has played in their socialization, economic progression, and outlook. We believe that we should make a difference not only in our business domain, but also in disadvantaged areas of our immediate society that can benefit from the wide expertise and knowledge that we can bring to bear.